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The Wax Works Story

Avail Yourself of the Wonders Within!

In early September of the year 2008, Madame Pamita set out for Long Island, New York to record a series of songs she had been performing for "Madame Pamita's Parlor of Wonders" on the Neo-Medicine Show circuit.

Along with her esteemed colleague, Mister Patrick Weise, she ventured into the utterly enchanting realm of Mister Peter Dilg, collector of antique recording devices, music historian and, most importantly, the only man in the United States with a state-of-the-art wax cylinder recording machine.

Recorded Without the Use of Electrical Devices!

Over the course of two magical days, thirteen songs were performed and recorded. Using absolutely no electricity during the playing or recording process, Patrick and she projected their voices and instruments acoustically into antique metal cones and onto 100-year-old wax cylinders.

Everything was recorded live with no tracking and no post-recording fixes. What you hear is the recording exactly as it was performed, with the same vitality and exciting recklessness of the early days of reproduced sound.

The Ultimate in Low Fidelity!

The result is probably unlike anything you've ever heard. The 1908 version of hi-fi is the ultimate collection of low-fi: thirteen songs that clock in at under two and a half minutes each (except for one number recorded at half-speed).

Absolutely nothing has been added or subtracted. They come complete with the pops, scratches and scintillating surface noise of the recycled cylinders they were recorded on.

To hear and download the album, click here.